Who We Are

LIFT! Homeschool Schoolhouse: Who We Are

Our goals at LIFT include providing a place for students to retain their love of learning while mastering necessary concepts and skills.  Going into the 21st century, there are many areas of study that are beneficial, and even required, to function that were just not thought of when public schools were put in place.  Our students are set free from this outdated system of standardized testing, lectures, and textbooks.  While many educators are making this adjustment, it will likely be years before the whole system catches up to real time needs of students in the public school system.  With the freedom offered in a home school setting, we are able to implement these changes immediately! Our students will have the opportunity to move into whatever field they choose as people that are flexible, creative, innovative leaders simply by parents choosing homeschooling as their form of education.  

So, they learn at home? What does homeschooling mean?

Home schooling does not mean students don't leave their house.  It simply means that they don't head out to school somewhere else unless they choose to participate in classes or activities outside their home.  In the DFW area, we have multiple options for almost any type of learning situation you can think of, whether in the home or not.  Classes, groups, sports, lessons, schools, and jobs can all be part of a homeschool education.   LIFT students are still considered home schooled as parents are ultimately in charge of, and responsible for, each child's education.  What we provide are the lesson plans, equipment, materials, environment, fellowship, and group opportunities that some families would like to add to their homeschool.  

How did LIFT come about?

Mom With a Vision:

You may be too early in your homeschooling journey to wonder what you will do when your kids grow up, but LIFT founder, Jody Daniels had often pondered that thought:

"As our children have reached high school and beyond, I have missed the discovery learning and hands-on activities that we did for school during the elementary years.  I miss watching the lights go on as a child "gets" a concept for the first time, hearing their thoughts as they tell me all about an idea they got while listening to a good book, or seeing what their individual creation looks like when given an opportunity to build something."

In response to these thoughts, I have put together LIFT Homeschool Schoolhouse based upon our past multi-family co-ops, but where parents can drop their kids off and we do all the lesson planning, supply gathering, and teaching for the day. 

Beyond elementary, I wanted to provide a collaborative environment for middle and high school students to take ownership of their learning and see the relevance of using communication and knowledge to interact with those around them.  

Why this format?
Having four homeschool high school graduates, I have also seen the results of using this approach to education and how our kids have benefited from that foundation as they reached middle and high school. The hands-on and discovery learning process has been the foundation for deeper understanding as well as the critical thinking and communication skills required for any life path afterwards.  What seemed like just a fun, child-friendly activity was actually accomplishing a lot more than we could see at the time!

Seeing how well this format is working with Elementary, we opened up our Middle and High School groups to offer the same opportunity to the older kids.  We provide a collaborative environment with supplies and information so students have a general path to follow but get to use creativity and innovation in the way they accomplish their goal of mastery and understanding of concepts.

In addition, and with the whole person in mind, we now have DREAMS, our DRama, Dance, Engineering, Art, Music, and Service groups available in addition to the three "R's".  With the support of our host, 1st Baptist Church of Smithfield, we have space for classes and lessons at a family-friendly price, all in one location.


We are very excited to join with you to LIFT your children up!"

Jody Daniels, Founder

Jody has been married to her husband, Pete, for 25 years. California born and raised, she moved to Texas in 1996. Jody has five children, ages 15 - 24,  and she has been homeschooling since 1999, starting with their oldest three at ages 6, 5, and 3, and continuing with the others as they were ready. She is currently homeschooling their youngest at age 15 while the four olders, all homeschool graduates, still live at home and pursue further education in college, apprenticeships, and work.

Jody's teaching background is varied. After marrying, she and her husband taught the elementary Sunday School upon which the Children's Pastor eventually modeled the Kid's Church. The kids participated in essential roles such as leading prayer, worship, greeting, and so on in addition to their Bible lessons. Jody has always believed in giving kids opportunities to use their gifts and talents as much as possible rather than just having them sit and watch or listen; although we all need to do that (sit and listen) at times, it's best if that's not the only option for gathering information. Jody has taught classes for ages pre-k through high school in co-ops, at home, and in a part-time school.

Jody believes that education should promote learning as a lifestyle. It is important to learn how to learn by making it enjoyable and developmentally appropriate so the correct brain paths are built, creating a lifelong learner.  Her energy goes into making LIFT the place where people are the priority and learning is varied and relevant!

Jody Daniels,  Founder / Team Leader / Visionary

Enough about me!  Here is the wonderful group of people that make LIFT a reality!

Andrea Kerwin, Core Elementary Lead Teacher

We are so blessed to have Andrea on our team at LIFT!   Andrea is organized, goal oriented, and enthusiastic about expanding her own knowledge as well as helping others expand theirs.  As an entrepreneur and lifelong learner, she brings a positive energy to our group and helps to implement our vision for education.  She is able to get kids involved in learning with games and activities that build brain paths and invite students to explore.  They feel competent and smart when in her class, creating the best learning environment for long-term success. 

Mathias Daniels, Assistant Teacher, Crew Leader

Mathias, one of my sons,  has been with me since the beginning and has worn many hats during his 3 years at LIFT.  He is currently the overseer of the high school study room, helping  our high school students with their math and writing homework.   He is also in charge of recess, keeping an eye on things while the kids shoot baskets or play four square.  In addition to being our resident lifter of heavy things, he also provides general office support and completes opening and closing tasks for the day and leads the cleaning crew.

Melissa Roberts, Support Team 

We are grateful for Melissa's daily support and willingness to serve. She fills in wherever we need her whether with the young children, the older ones, or cleaning and making copies.  Melissa and her husband Al have 7 children, ranging from high school through college.  

John Cother, Upper level Math and Science, Science Fair

Mr. Cother leads our High School math and science courses, our middle school science courses, and elementary PE.  He is a veteran teacher, bringing over 30 years experience and more years than that of studying the world around us. He and his wife, Connie, enjoy spending time with their children and grandchildren when not teaching or helping others.

Sophia Daniels, Pre-K Lead Teacher

As my daughter and a recent high school graduate with a passion for caring for children and providing them with hands-on learning experiences, Sophia is our much loved pre-k teacher.  Students feel very comfortable with her calm presence and love the creative projects and activities the provides for them each day. 

Lesley Lambson, High School History and English

Mrs. Lambson leads our weekly high school English, Literature, and  US History classes.  We are thrilled she is here to share her expertise and enthusiasm for history and teaching with our teens.  She is a mother of 4 young children and enjoys being able to teach while still having the time she needs for her family.   

Victoria Daniels, Graphics and Media

Victoria, another one of my daughters, is a filmmaker and has brought her talents to use in sharing LIFT with all of you via film such as the video at the top of this page.  She also designed our graphics on signs, business cards, and shirts.  She is also creating our "how-to" videos coming up for our Core families.