Communication & Policies

LIFT has an open communication policy and desire families to communicate any concerns or questions directly to LIFT Leadership and/or teachers.

Contact us:

During school hours, please call or text:

i.e. , illness, picking up or dropping off outside of regular times, someone other than you is picking up, you need to drop lunch off for your student

For longer or non-urgent communication, please use email:

i.e., progress meeting requests, question or concern, homework requests, a planned absence, or question about fees, etc.

Please give us 7-10 days notice if you are requesting homework during a planned absence, need record of classes taken, progress report, or have a question about fees.

Unless there is an urgency - your concern or question will be responded to within a week, often sooner.

Learning Environment

LIFT seeks to provide an individualized education that is mastery based,  helping students progress according to their talents, gifts, learning modalities, and readiness.

At LIFT, as much as possible, we provide open communication and a friendly setting in which to learn and grow as a person within our small group setting.

We hope to give students freedom within our routines and boundaries as long as they are able to work within that framework. We ask everyone to respect each other’s boundaries, ask for help when needed, communicate with and listen to each other, respect property of others, and make it a priority to complete schoolwork.

Behavior Policies

LIFT leadership is aware that children can behave childishly, so we strive to maintain an environment where children are allowed to make and learn from mistakes.  To that end, we ask that parents support the LIFT community and encourage the overall learning experience by accepting that children can be immature and thoughtless without being bad or inviting shame, whether your child or someone else's.  In other words, please let us know if you are aware of a concern but realize that even your child can make a mistake and we will offer all families the same level of patience and understanding when a mistake is made.

That being said, if you observe behavior or your child shares a behavior that you think warrants addressing, please let LIFT leadership know as soon as possible so we are aware and can respond, observe, or intervene as needed.  

When we let you know of a behavior that needs to be addressed, our goal is to maintain the positive learning community and support parents in the teaching of relational skills and a sense of community to their child/ren and hope you will respond in kind. 

As a homeschooler in the state of Texas, you are a considered a private school and are required to provide a bona fide curriculum in 5 subject areas. LIFT’s goal is to support you by providing lessons and learning experiences as stated on our website. 

We defer to parents in training your child/ren, however, we work closely with you as we create and implement lesson plans and uphold behavior policies in order to support your home school to the best of our ability within the limitations stated in our policies and on our enrollment form.

We leave the parenting to you, however, if requested and within our ability to provide, we will support a child/ren in learning a new habit or behavior practice that benefits from consistency between school and home.


Students must want to be at LIFT for the purpose of participating in the planned activities and lessons.

Students must cooperate with the boundaries which are in place to provide the optimal environment for learning.

Children are not adults and aren’t expected to act as such and we will do what we can to provide opportunities for a child to learn new habits and make choices that fit within our boundaries.

We do draw the line at verbal, physical, or emotional abuse towards others. A student/family can lose freedom at LIFT or ability to attend

LIFT if behavior is continually distractive, hurting others, destructive, or defiant to those in charge.

When there is conflict, we want to provide a safe place to communicate and follow our LIFT plan for addressing overstepping of boundaries.

LIFT boundaries
et the person know you want them to stop.

If they don’t, tell an adult right away.

Freedom for offender to make a change and try again.

The response is determined by LIFT leadership team if offense continues.

A parent will be informed to outline consequences.

Consequences are as follows:

1st – Parent must remain on campus during hours the child is in attendance or keep the child home for designated number of days/ weeks.

2nd – Parent accompanies child to classes for designated number of days/weeks.

3rd – automatic expulsion

Zero Tolerance Offenses: LIFT reserves the right to determine that some situations may require the member family be considered for expulsion without the 1st – 3rd warnings and are treated with zero tolerance. Offenses that could constitute a Zero Tolerance Offense apply to the entire member family, or accompanying guardians, and include, but are not limited to profanity and name calling.

Special Circumstances and Needs
There may be circumstances when a class is not a good fit for the student. The teaching team will work with the family to help the child succeed in the class, however there may be times when the student will be asked not to re-enroll for a class that is not well suited to his/her abilities or learning style.

Special Needs includes anything that causes a student to need accommodation. LIFT is not a Special Needs school nor do we have training specific to providing for Special Needs. We can work with some students on a case by case basis, provided that they are able to fit into our routines and boundaries and parents or guardians are involved and responsive.