Payments & Due Dates

We have a Registration Day each semester in order to take care of bookkeeping and fees.  
All enrollment should be finalized before or on that day.  Tuition is paid at Registration in full or in the form of post-dated checks for the 15th of each month.  

Late registration:
Continuing families that miss Registration due dates will need to meet with our bookkeeper to bring your enrollment to current status prior to child/ren attending classes. There is a $25 fee to register after the due date.


Semester Registration Fee: 

Due upon enrollment.


Foundations Spring Registration Day - January 9
Curriculum & Supply Fees due January 15
If you are unable to attend, please mail payments prior to posted date.
Tuition is due monthly on the 15th for 3 months of each semester.

Core Registration

Annual Registration Fee: 

Due upon enrollment.

Before May 31:


June 1 or later:


January 9, 2017 is our deadline for payments of 2017-2018 school year.
Enrollment may be suspended when accounts are not current.

Core Registration begins for Returning families in March and New Families in April.  
2018-2019 School Year Registration dates are posted in March.

Core and Individual Courses
Registration begins in March, continuing until classes are full.
Curriculum & Supply Fees are due June 15.
Tuition is due monthly on the 15th, starting first month of the school year.

Core 3-day Family Tuition Discount
Sibling discounts for families with 3 or more students attending 3-Day Core classes:
Third Student: 15% discount
Each additional student: 20% discount
Supply Fees are not discounted with the exception of Pre-K which receive a 20% discount if they are the third or additional enrolled child of the family.

Accepted Forms of Payment

Payments can be made in cash or check.

Paypal payments are available for a fee if you prefer to use a credit card.


We continue enrolling while there is still openings in classes.  Those enrolling after due dates have passed will pay fees upon enrollment.  


Those wishing to use alternate methods for payment of tuition will need to set up a plan with us and may be required to pay a bookkeeping fee.


Registration Fee, Supply Fee and Curriculum Fees are non-refundable.


Foundations is paid by semester.

Core is paid by school year.

Co-op Positions: You have committed to perform certain duties to receive a tuition discount.  If service is discontinued or not performed as agreed, you are responsible to pay tuition in order to continue involvement in classes.