Payments & Due Dates

Annual Registration Fee: 

Due upon enrollment.


$65/Family Maximum

Registration Day
We hold a fun event each year in order to make it easy for you to register. 
If you are unable to attend, please mail or bring payments in prior to this date.
Late fees may apply for account set up after Registration Day.

Supply & Book Fees due August 15 and January 15.
Literature Add-on due at time of enrollment
Tuition is due monthly on the 15th for 3 months of each semester.

Core and Individual Courses
Registration begins in May, continuing until classes are full.
Supply & Book Fees are due June 15.
Tuition is due monthly on the 15th, starting the month classes begin and continuing for 10 months

Accepted Forms of Payment

Payments can be made in cash or check.

Paypal payments are available for a fee if you prefer to use a credit card.


We continue enrolling while there is still openings in classes.  Those enrolling after due dates have passed will pay fees upon enrollment. 


Those wishing to use alternate methods for payment of tuition will need to set up a plan with us and may be required to pay a bookkeeping fee.


Supply Fee: A pro-rated portion of the supply fee may be refundable, depending on which purchases have already been made. Some purchases are based on the number of students and can only be refunded if another student takes your place.

Curriculum Fee: Purchases made for individual use, such as worksheets or individual manipulative sets, will be yours to keep. Some purchases are made for the group and remain the property of LIFT. We may be able to purchase non-consumable items from you when you finish with them.  If families change their minds after purchases are made, we will make every effort to refund what we reasonably can provided another student enrolls in their place.  

Tuition: We don't want to hold anyone hostage to attendance and will do our best to work with you to meet your needs, however, we create a budget based on enrollment.  In order to run our classes, we enroll for the Semester in Foundations and for the year in Core or Individual Courses. If we can replace tuition by enrolling another student, we will be able to release you from the commitment prior to the end of the semester for Foundations or year for Core.

Co-op Positions: You have committed to perform certain duties to receive a tuition discount.  If service is discontinued or not performed as agreed, you are responsible to pay tuition in order to continue involvement in classes.