LIFT UP - 2017-2018 CORE Middle School

Welcome to Middle School CORE!

LIFT Middle School is a small group learning environment for core subjects and electives.  

We provide:
  • Daily individualized math lessons. 
  • Daily Math Concept reinforcement activities. 
  • Bi-weekly Science Labs with full participation for each student.
  • Weekly Science Reading and Research assignments.
  • Weekly History reading and Geography practice.
  • Weekly Writing and Grammar assignments for ongoing projects.
  • Time Management and Study Skills 
  • Logic and Critical Thinking activities.
  • Fellowship time.
  • Daily Spanish lessons and practice
  • Fine Arts lessons available after school.
  • Small Group setting in which to learn communication and responsibility in a safe and affirming environment. 
Please see FAQ for further details and sample daily schedules.

2017 - 2018 School Year

Annual Registration Fee


2017 - 2018  Middle School Core Class

This is our 2 or 3-day program for students ages 11-13. Core Class includes Math Lab, Science, World Cultures/US History, Literature, Writing, Grammar, Research, Presentation Skills, and Projects.  

Meets: 30 weeks, Tuesday, Wednesday, and Thursday, 9:30 - 2:30

2017-2018 School Year - August 22 - May 31

Core Assessment Fee: $25/student

3-Day Tuition: $3000/year or $300/month for 10 months

3-Day Curriculum & Supply Fee: $450/year

2-Day Tuition: $2000/year or $200/month for 10 months

2-Day Curriculum & Supply Fee: $400/year


Payments & Due Dates

 1-day MS Foundations Group 

for Writing & Grammar with Science & Logic.

If you have further questions and want us to contact you, send us an email at or call or text 682-772-2214 NEW #!