Middle School CORE

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Welcome to Middle School CORE!

LIFT Middle School is a multi-level group learning environment for core subjects and electives.  

We provide:
  • Individualized math sessions. 
  • Math concept reinforcement activities. 
  • Bi-weekly Science Labs
  • Weekly Science Reading and Research assignments.
  • Weekly History reading and Geography practice.
  • Weekly Writing and Grammar assignments for ongoing projects.
  • Logic and Critical Thinking activities.
  • Fellowship time.
  • Spanish lessons and practice
  • Small Group setting in which to learn communication and responsibility in a safe and affirming environment. 
Please see FAQ for further details and sample daily schedules.

2018 - 2019  Middle School Core Group

This is our 2-day or 3-day program for students ages 11-13. 

We have several areas of focus in our weekly schedule. 

Math, Language Arts, and Social Studies.  Subjects include middle school math with enrichment or tutoring, writing, grammar, spelling, editing, literature, science labs, history, geography, and Spanish. 

Annual Registration Fee


Core Assessment Fee: included in Registration Fee

$25 fee is registering after July 15

3-Day Core Middle School:

Meets: 30 weeks, Tuesday, Wednesday, and Thursday, 9:30 - 2:30

Tuition: $3000/year or $300/month for 10 months

Curriculum & Supply Fee: $350/year

2-Day Core Middle School:

Meets: 30 weeks, Tuesday and Thursday, 9:30 - 2:30

Tuition: $2000/year or $200/month for 10 months

Curriculum & Supply Fee: $300/year


Payments & Due Dates

 1-day MS Foundations Group 

for Writing & Grammar with Science & Logic.

If you have further questions and want us to contact you, send us an email at LIFThomeschoolTX@gmail.com or call or text 682-772-2214 NEW #!