Study Hall / Math Lab

2018-2019 LIFT High Study Hall / Math Lab
Available Tuesday, Wednesday, Thursday from 930  - 2:30

  • Resource Library access
  • Wifi access
  • Accountability
  • Someone to answer homework questions
  • Fellowship
  • Basic supplies needed such as paper, pencil, calculator, etc.
  • Quiet place to work
  • Can schedule use of laptop
  • Can join Core students for lunch and free time

Study Hall & Math Lab
Available as a quiet place for teens to study - with support.  Students have internet access, access to our library of curriculum and reference materials, and use of basic supplies. There is a supervisor available to help with accountability, if requested, and to answer questions about schoolwork. While it's best to bring your own laptop, we have some for which you can schedule use.

Both Study Hall and Math Lab require pre-approval by LIFT leadership and are subject to our behavior policies.  Student that benefit most from these options are serious about completing their work, ask for help when needed, and are able to work somewhat independently. 

Also by pre-approval, students can join the Core group for Lunch and Free Time.  We are within walking distance of a few places to get food or drinks and have several places on campus in which to spend your Free Time.

Schedule:   Summer 2018
                        10 - 2

                        School Year 2018-2019 for 30 weeks
                        Tuesday, Wednesday, Thursday
                        9:15 - 2:30
Membership:   $150/semester 1-day per week use
                                $175/semester 2-days per week use
                                $180/semester 3-days per week use

Curriculum & Supplies: Basic supplies such as paper, pencils, occasional printing, and art supplies are included in price. Curriculum library use is also included in price, however,  you are responsible for purchase and costs of consumable items such as workbooks and are subject to any copyrights in regards to making copies.