Math Classes & Fees

LIFT owns and uses the necessary manipulatives to teach all of the lessons and concepts so you only purchase items that students need to use individually or that will be used at home.  Each student needs their own worksheets or workbook for each level.  Tuition includes Lesson Planning, bi-weekly Lesson Teaching,  assessments, semester progress report, additional manipulatives, planned concept activities for eliminating any learning gaps and Math Lab available for High School students.  

Elementary Math Description
Elementary Math begins in Level B with addition and subtraction facts to 18, place value to the thousands, geometry, measurement, time, money, and basic fractions. 4-digit addition and 2-digit mental addition is also incorporated. Problem solving and place value are emphasized throughout. 
Math C continues to build on known addition and subtraction facts, working with 4-digit addition and subtraction and 2-digit mental calculations and introducing multiplication and fractions. Other topics include area and perimeter, measurement, money, time, and basic fractions. They also work with drawing tools to explore geometric designs. Problem solving is emphasized.
Math Lessons continue in Level D to build on the meaning and properties of multiplication and division, along with the basic facts. Other topics include multiplying a 4-digit number by a 1-digit number, rounding, numbers to millions, area and measurement in both the US customary and metric systems, fractions, and graphing. The children continue work with geometry and angles using drawing tools. Problem solving with all four operations is emphasized. Daily card games are included in the lessons. Homework also includes card games for practice and to cement skills. 

Middle School Math Description
Middle School Math, levels E - Pre-Algebra is where we solidify a students knowledge of arithmetic, vocabulary, the four operations, decimals, fractions, percents, geometry, pre-algebra, and practical skills.  Our hands-on, visual curriculum provides opportunities for students to use the math skills and knowledge they have attained for a true mastery of concepts.  They may start Algebra I at any time they are ready. 

Levels B - G
Once you purchase the Math Card Games Kit*, Drawing Kit*  or Geometry Kit*, you will only need to purchase worksheets for the subsequent levels.   Each student needs their own worksheets for each level.  Tuition includes Lesson Planning, bi-weekly Lesson Teaching,  assessments, semester progress report, additional manipulatives, planned concept activities for .  

Math Assessment for Levels B - G

Level B
$20 - Worksheets
$68 - Math Card Games Kit for Levels A - G*
$660/year - Tuition

Level C, D, E, F, G
Worksheets - $24
$68 - Math Card Games Kit for Levels A - F*
$25 - Drawing Kit for Levels C & D*
$60 - Geometry Kit for Levels E & up*
$200 - Level G 
$720/year - Tuition

Optional Add-ons 
While we provide a complete curriculum and full year of lessons in our classes, we suggest optional additions for those seeking work to do at home on other days:
Elementary and Middle School:
$30/level - Singapore Math
$48/level - Beast Math

Pre-Algebra and above
$75 Curriculum & Supplies
$780/year - Tuition

High School Math Description

High School Math is for those ready for Algebra I and beyond, although we offer a combined Pre-Algebra/Algebra I group if needed.  Geometry, Consumer Math, Pre-Calculus and other classes can be formed with 4 or more students. 
If the minimum number of students is not met for a particular course, we still provide our Math Lab and curriculum that includes teaching. Someone is available to answer questions while the students works through the curriculum independently. 

Math Classes (minimum of 4 students to make classes)
Provides a teacher that teaches all lessons.
Provides a skilled administrator for assessments and tests.
Provides accountability.
Provides preparation for SAT, ACT, and TSI tests.

Math Lab
Provides a place to complete math lessons and homework.
Provides access to our  library of curriculum (K-12th grade level).
Provides access to our inventory of manipulatives (Elem - Algebra).
Provides a lab monitor that can help students with their math homework.
Provides accountability.
Math Lab fee $150/semester