What is the age group?
Our high school group accepts 13 - 18-year-olds (in a "grade" setting, roughly 9th - 12th grade).  

What programs are offered for High School at LIFT?
Independent Study
Study Hall / Math Lab

What subjects are taught?
We study math, science, history, and English every semester.  There are many independent study options, a curriculum library to access, and classes formed when there are 4 or more students in need of the same course. Examples of courses that we have taught in the past are Algebra I, Geometry, Biology, Chemistry, Physical Science, Marine Biology, Environmental Science, US History, World History, Writing & Grammar, Government/ Economics, Spanish, Consumer Math, Drawing, and Sewing.

What is the student to teacher ratio?

We try not to exceed 10 students per teacher in most classes in this group and usually have a smaller ratio.

When do you meet?

LIFT is open on Tuesday, Wednesday, Thursday from 9:15 - 2:30 for 30 weeks from fall through spring.  See Calendar for exact dates.

3-day Core meets for 30 weeks on all three days
2-day Core meets for 30 weeks on Tuesday and Thursday.
Individual Classes meet 1, 2, or 3 times per week for 30 weeks on varying days.

Is there homework?
Yes, there is homework for most high school students.  Depending on the course/s a student takes, there may be to 1 - 3 hours per week.  Typical assignments include reading and research for science and history, completion of writing assignments, completion of math problems, listening to a podcast, or completion of a project.
Typically a Core student will have about 1-2 hours 2-3 days per week.  Those taking an individual course such as science may have 1-2 hours total of reading and research.  We provide some time in our schedule for students to use the Study Hall and access our library and internet to complete homework.

Do you test and use grades?

Our program is mastery based rather than performance based so testing and grades are not our basis for measuring accomplishment. A low teacher to student ratio allows us to immediately know if a student is understanding and ready to move on or needs further instruction and practice.  There are occasional quizzes and tests for science and math.

Do I purchase books? Is there a supply list?

Core Students: When you pay the annual Curriculum & Supply Fee, at least four courses are covered, including curriculum, books and supplies.  Also included is access to our library of curriculum and memberships, however, additional courses may have a fee for supplies or copying.
Individual Classes: Your class fees include books and supplies for the year. 
Study Hall / Math Lab: includes use of our library and occasional school supplies such as a pencil or paper.

What is the daily schedule?

LIFT is open from 9:15 - 3:00, Tuesday, Wednesday, and Thursday. High school students have varying schedules, depending on courses they complete each year according to their individualized plan.  Schedules are formed at the beginning of each semester and a printed copy is given to the student and parent as requested.

Sample of Core Student Schedule from 2017-2018
 Tuesday Wednesday Thursday
High School Math
Math Classes
Math Lab 
 High School Math

Math Class Q & A

Math Lab
 High School Math
Math Classes
Math Lab

Lunch/Free Time Lunch/Free TimeLunch/Free Time
Writing & Grammar  Science Labs History
 ElectiveScience Labs  Elective

Example of Non-core  Student
signed up for Math Lab, Study Hall, a High School Science course and using our library to complete Economics.
 Tuesday Wednesday Thursday
High School Math

Math Lab 
 High School Math

Study Hall

Math Lab
 High School Math

Math Lab

Lunch/Free Time Lunch/Free Time
Lunch/Free Time
Study Hall Science Labs
Study Hall
Independent Study Class: EconomicsScience Labs Leave @ 1:00pm to go to part-time job.

Can you describe the classes shown on the schedule?

Math Class
The whole school does math in the mornings so everyone can receive the instruction and concept practice needed for their knowledge and experience.  Our high school math classes are formed when four or more enrolled students need the same math course.  We have had the following classes in the past; Pre-Algebra,  Algebra I, Algebra II, and Geometry.  When there are not enough students for a class, we provide curriculum that can be completed independently and a teacher to provide additional explanation and accountability.

Math Lab
Students bring their own curriculum to complete while at LIFT and have access to a teacher when a questions arises.  If a student needs tutoring, that can also be arranged for additional cost.

Study Hall
Students bring work to complete in our supervised study hall room.  They have internet access, help if a question arises, accountability, fellowship during lunch and free time, and access to our library.

Writing & Grammar
Students will receive instruction and help with a variety of high school level writing assignments and practices along with grammar and editing instruction and practice.  We offer a Writing Lab when there are students that need help to complete assignments and are not ready to work independently. 

Science Labs
Our science meetings consist entirely of hands-on labs, demonstrations,  and experiments. Our goal is for students to lead and participate fully in activities after having done assigned reading and research as homework outside of class. Students may also build models in or out of class, prepare a presentation, or research a topic to share with the class.

We evaluate which history study would most benefit the students that are enrolled in Core.  We can cover anything from Ancient through Modern for both world and US. 

Independent Study
We have a library of resources and curriculum available for use and tracking system so students can complete a course for credit independently and you will have the information necessary to add it to their transcript.

We have resources for a number of electives via our own library, memberships, and sometimes a class if at least four students are signed up.  Examples are foreign language, fine arts, science, auto repair, work experience, or sewing. 

Lunch / Free Time
Students bring a lunch or, with permission from parents, can leave to get lunch from a nearby venue.  There is a Sonic and a bbq restaurant within walking distance.  We have a lunchroom with plenty of seating as well as a full kitchen with use of microwaves, stove, or blender.  Students are responsible to clean up after themselves.  Free time is outside.  There is a playground, table and chairs, basketball court, fields, and trees for a nice break in between study times.