Middle & High School Science

2017 - 2018 Middle & High School Science Courses

Our science courses are interactive, lab-based, and highly engaging to students.  We use the best resources we can find for each subject, keeping current research on how learning happens in mind as we plan our year. We choose teachers with an enthusiasm for and experience in each subject, as well as an enthusiasm for interacting with our students to help them get their best learning experience.  Our goal is a memorable course that results in understanding and mastery of concepts, a solid base of knowledge and enjoyment of the process to increase retention.  Students will start class with games and activities to introduce and review relevant terms.  A variety of media may also be used to introduce and reinforce new concepts.  Presentations, projects, experiments and demonstrations will be done by students with teacher supervision.  Homework may consist of research for presentations, projects to show and share knowledge,  vocabulary review assignments, and reading.  All of these add up to a memorable course that will remain with students long-term rather than having them only remember facts for a test and promptly forget them.  

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Annual Registration Fee

$150/Family by May 25

$175/Family after May 25

Middle School Science

Our middle school science course is lab-based and rotates through life science, physical science, earth science, and chemistry over three years of middle school. 

Dissections, experiments, discussion, projects, and research are included in our courses.


Meets 15 weeks on Wednesday 10:00 - 11:00/Thursday 12:00 - 1:15

January 24 - May 24 (breaks throughout)

Supply & Book Fees: $75

Tuition: $400/semester

(If you are a Core student, this course is already included in your tuition)

High School Marine Biology

Ages 13 & up.

Students will complete reading, research, presentations, labs, demonstrations, and dissections in this hands-on course. 


Meets 15 Wednesdays from 12:00 - 2:30

January 24 - May 23 (breaks throughout)

Supply & Book Fees: $110/year

Tuition: $400/semester

Credit: 1 High School Credit on Transcript

(If you are a Core student, this course is already included in your tuition)

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