Summer Extensions

Summer Session 2019

Schedule Posted in May but you can read below to get an idea of what our Summer Session might include.

KIDS CLUB - Ages 6-11  (LIFT Families Pre-K - Age 13)

Kids Club is a supervised creative and free play session. Moms can breath a sigh of relief knowing their kids are engaged in fun and educational activities with friends while you do errands, get some work done,  or enjoy social time. 

Kids will have access to our creative play areas as well as our extensive library of board games, logic games, art and craft supplies, literature, and science kits.   We will also have themed activities such as Lego Day, Science Day, Dress Up Day, Board Game Day, Water Play, and a day to make Dad a gift.  

In addition, Kids Club Students can also add music lessons or other classes from. There are several in their age range for which you will find descriptions and fees below.  Kids Club participants receive special pricing and will be escorted by us to their classes and back.

Instructor: Mrs. Daniels and LIFT staff

All students should bring a water bottle, snack, and lunch.

LIFT Families
Ages: Pre-K -  Middle School

Summer Session $100/student (with a $250/family max) 

Weekly Drop-In: $9/student (with a $27/family max) 

LIFT Friends

Ages: 6-11

Summer Session $150 student - $400/family max

Weekly: $15/student - $60/family max

HIGH SCHOOL - Enrolled Students ages 13+

LIFT High School students are welcome to come help with morning and afternoon tasks and have time to hang out in between. You will have access to our library and supplies for Independent Study.  You can also participate in lessons and classes as described below.

KIDS CLASSES & LESSONS - see each class for ages/cost/description

Kids enrolled in classes below will receive a discount on Kids Club for times they are not in a class.


Preschool Music & Movement - Ages 3-5

Kids will sing and dance, play rhythm instruments, and make some of their own instruments. 
Instructor: Mrs. Lambson
Ages 3-5 years

Elementary Music - Ages 5+
Kids will sing and dance, play rhythm instruments, make instruments of their own. They will also play pitched instruments (hand bells and chimes) and be introduced to keyboard instruments.
Instructor: Mrs. Lambson
Ages 5+



    Crafty Critters - Ages 4 - 8:

Each week we learn about an animal and create a craft based on our subject.

    Intermediate Crafts - Ages 9+ 

Complete projects made from yarn, glue, cardboard, paint, and other crafty materials!  We will have a relaxed setting in which to create a weekly masterpiece you can take home to use, play with, gift, or display. 

Writing Club - Ages 9+

Students are provided with a journal and given time to write stories.  We read each other's stories, illustrate them, and collaborate if desired.  We will also have a fun activity each week to enhance creative skills.  The end result will be a bound, illustrated story to take home. If students collaborate, we will make a copy of their finished product for each student.

Informal and cooperative setting to set creativity free. 

Drama Club - 3 Age Groups  Pre-K - 7  /  8  - 11  /  12+

Students participate in age appropriate activities in order to practice imaginative play, improvisation, acting, and expression.


Middle School Science Club - Ages 10+ w/ 6th grade+ math experience

Hands-on Lessons for students to build, interact, and experiment led by experienced teachers with a focus on discovery learning and teamwork.

Mr. Cother


Chess Club - Ages 8+

For those that already know how to play chess and would like opponents or for those learning that would like more practice. (Also included w/ Chess Lessons)

Ages 8+



Piano Lessons- all ages, by appointment

Ukulele Lessons- all ages, by appointment

Voice Lessons - all ages, by appointment


2018 SUMMER CAMPS - Ages Pre-K +

Camps are 3 Days Each, Tuesday / Wednesday / Thursday

Pre-K - Potty-trained - age 5

Miss Sophia will lead students in science, art, and nature exploration and sensory activities.

Elementary - Ages 6 - 11

Brain building and Fun!  Mrs. Andrea's Summer Camps are a yearly favorite!  Each camp is unique and includes hands-on, interactive, challenging projects, experiments, demonstrations, and learning challenges.  Topics include STEM and STEAM challenges such as  biology, nutrition, art, cooking, chemistry, engineering, and more.

Middle School - Ages 11 - 14

Mr. Cother will lead student in collaborative learning projects and experiments using math, technology, and science.


Available by appointment.

Basic Tutoring

Study Skills, Time Management, Writing, Science, Literature and more.

Fees: $25 per subject, set up fee includes assessment and study plan.

Tuition: $15/half hour once set up is complete.

Basic supplies and non-consumables are included in cost, however, we may suggest optional  items that will help student to have success in completing assignments at home.

Math Tutoring

Fees: $50 Setup fee and initial consultation.

Tuition: $18/half hour

Basic supplies and non-consumables are included in cost. Tutor may also suggest optional items that will help students complete assignments at home. 

Math Lab

This is a supervised study room with access to curriculum, manipulatives, light instruction, support, and accountability.  

Fees: Included

Drop-in Rate: $25 per day

Math Lab Ongoing Membership


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LIFT Homeschool Schoolhouse,
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