High School @ LIFT

2017 - 2018 
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LIFT provides:
  • Individualized education plan for each student.  
  • Help with long and short-term Academic planning.
  • Academic courses taught by instructors with a passion for teaching and knowledge in their subject matter for Math, Science, English, History, Electives, and more
  • Tutoring
  • Grade Tracking
  • High School Transcript
  • Study Skills and Time Management training
  • Fellowship and optional social activities
  • A friendly, interactive environment for your homeschooled teen to learn and grow in preparation for college, career, and life. 

Please see FAQ for further details.

2017 - 2018 School Year now enrolling.

We currently have 2 openings in our Core High School Group.

High School Core Group

Our group activities and studies are based on the individual needs of each student.  This year,  our classes consist of Algebra 1, Geometry, Environmental Science/Marine Biology, US History, Economics, Spanish, Writing, and Grammar. We also have dozens of independent study options available in our library and through online memberships so students can personalize their transcripts.

Student wishing to study in a quiet place or those needing accountability, support in certain subject areas, or simply want to fellowship with others during the day can participate in our Independent Study program.

High School Core Classes and Fees

 CoreAnnual Curriculum & Supply Fees  Individual
 Other Electives
 $65/Family  $2900/yr.               
             (includes classes shown below, access to our library and online subscriptions) 
 $350/year      All Core classes
                 (prices shown below for those choosing Individual Classes)
Each course
Math Lab
(scheduled use)
depends on instructor availability and pricing
Algebra I

Study Hall
(Avail T/W/Th)
 Marine Biology 
 US History & Literature
 Writing & Grammar


High School Core 2017 - 2018 includes the following courses:

Algebra I / Geometry

Environmental Science/Marine Biology

US History, Geography, & Literature

Grammar & Writing

Students will receive 1 credit in each of the following; Math, Science, US History, and English.  Spanish, Economics/Government, and other electives also available for credit through our Independent Study library.

Meets: Tuesday, Wednesday, Thursday

August 22 - May 24 (breaks throughout)

Hours: 9:15 - 2:30

Registration Fee: $25/Individual or $65/Family

Supply & Book Fee: available by July 30

Tuition: $2900/year

Looking for Individual Classes? Click by subject!

High School Science Courses - Click Here

High School Math Options - Click Here

High School History/Lit/Writing/Grammar - Click Here

Homeschool Help

Additionally, as part of our Core program, families receive support in these areas: Creating Transcripts, High School and College Planning, Study Skills, Time Management, Career Planning, CLEP prep.

Payments and Due Date


Some paid positions may become available and priority is given to LIFT family members to use towards part of your tuition.  If you want to make these or other arrangements, you can apply here and we will contact you as needs arise each semester.

As always, we love to hear from you so please feel free to let us know if you have any questions: lifthomeschooltx@gmail.com or call/text 682-772-2214 NEW #!