Foundations Information Page

2017 - 2018 Foundations Group

Our Foundations Group provides a weekly multi-level group experience to enrich your homeschool.   We have three levels available, depending on age, experience, and maturity.


Beginning Elementary:

Hands-on Discovery Learning for ages 5 - 10

Science and History based studies

Presentation and Speaking Skills

Creative Writing 

Interactive Academic Games

Vocabulary and Grammar

Intermediate Elementary:

Hands-on Interactive Learning for ages 8 - 11

Science and History based studies

Research and Presentation Skills

Creative Writing & Grammar

Interactive Academic Activities

Beginning Spanish

Middle School:

Interactive Learning Environment for ages 11- 13

Hands-on Science Lab

Research and Presentation Skills

Writing and Grammar

Middle School Math Concept Activities

Logic & Critical Thinking


All groups also have snack time, lunch time, PE, and recess.

January 2018:

Elementary has 3 openings for Spring Semester

Middle School has 2 openings for Spring Semester

Foundations Elementary and Middle School Groups:

This is our 1-day program for students ages 5 - 13. 

Students are immersed in a topic, heavier in either history or science, and complete projects and activities based on that area of study.  They practice multiple types of writing assignments, learn to be comfortable speaking in front of a group, and an age-appropriate understanding of grammar.  Additionally, they participate in discovery learning activities, science experiments, including dissections,  and history experiences that expand their knowledge and experience of the subjects we study through the years. In the past we have studied some of the following areas; ear and eye anatomy, US Geography by region, Sound and Light science, Earth science, Biology, Chemistry, Physics, and also have performed skits, given presentations, created books, and much more.

Meets: 24 Wednesdays from 9:15 - 2:00 

Spring Semester: January 24 - April 25

Co-op Tuition Discount Available: Yes


Tuition: $420/semester or 3 payments of $140 

Curriculum & Supply Fee: $300/year or $150/semester

Middle School:

Tuition: $420/semester or 3 payments of $140 

Curriculum & Supply Fee: $350/year or $175/semester

  Foundations Middle School
$65/ Family

                                 $65/ Family
 Curriculum & Supply Fee
or $150/semester

or $175/semester
or $140/month
or $140/month


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Questions?  Call or text 682-772-2214 NEW # as of January 2018