Tutoring is available by appointment.

Basic Tutoring:

Fees: $25 per subject, set up fee includes assessment and study plan.

Tuition: $15/half hour once set up is complete.

Basic supplies and non-consumables are included in cost, however, we may suggest optional  items that will help student to have success in completing assignments at home.

Math Tutoring:

Fees: $50 Setup fee and initial consultation.

Tuition: $18/half hour

Basic supplies and non-consumables are included in cost. Tutor may also suggest optional items that will help students complete assignments at home. 

Math Lab Drop-in

$20 per day to attend and use materials.

This is a supervised study room with access to all Math Lab materials, including your student's workbook, access to shared materials, instruction, support, and accountability.  

Note: We encourage students to make progress at their own pace. Some students may complete more than one level per semester or year.  You would pay the lab fee upon their moving into the next level, regardless of how much time has passed.

Refunds: Purchases made for individual use, such as worksheets or individual manipulative sets, will be yours to keep. Some purchases are made for the group and remain the property of LIFT. We may be able to purchase non-consumable items from you when you finish with them.  

Summer Camps

June and July

Winter Camps