May Semester

May Semester

We like to think of May Semester as our treat after working hard all year.  
While this is an opportunity to continue our Core subjects, we also include our specialty for the afternoons; interactive and fun projects.  Think of this as the transition to Summer Camps, but at an "off-season" price.  May Semester is also a great way try out our style of learning with a short-term commitment.  

Read on for details of each age group's experience for May!

NEW - discounted just for you - After School PE, see below for details.

Elementary students aged 5 - 10 will continue Math and Language Arts lessons along with skill building games and challenges.  Each week will have a concept focus for math and critical thinking language arts activities. 

For the afternoon, we have a variety of "Camp" style activities including subjects such as science, geography, art, technology, nutrition, and building or board game time.  Perhaps they will spend time in our Lego room, participate in chemistry experiments or complete an art project.   It will be a fun learning experience and a great value to families.

Middle School students ages 11 - 13 will complete projects to support math and science that we have worked on during year.  For example, we will build a tiny house or a city using large graph paper, giving the opportunity to use area & perimeter, multiplication, division, fractions, and communication and thinking skills.  We also have a "store" activity which relies on students use of all the basic arithmetic skills along with higher thinking skills. Science activities will include a variety of experiments and projects from which students can choose each week. These allow long term, and team building projects that also cements concepts they have learned during the year. 

High School students ages 14 and up will participate in 90 minute Pre-Algebra or Algebra groups.  Each group has activities, games, and lessons to complete each day.  After a lunch break, we will spend the rest of our day on Chemistry Concepts.  These range from introducing chemistry to those entering high school to cement concepts for those having already completed Chemistry class.

Students also have access to Math Lab, Science Lab, and our library of educational resources and books to work independently on other topics if you prefer.

NEW: PE Add-on!

After School PE is a true PE class.  Coaches lead warm-ups, skills workout, and end each session with a team sport or group game.  Students are having fun while getting a true muscle and skill building experience.  This class is appropriate for all skill levels, and kids enjoy the challenges and interactions whether they are novice or athlete.

If enrolled in May Semester, you can add After School PE at a discounted rate.

$90 for every day of May Semester
$35 for Wednesdays only

May Semester Details:

Meets Tuesday, Wednesday, Thursday from 9:30 - 1:30

Dates: May 16 - June 1

Tuition: $300  $150/currently enrolled students

              $400  $200/new students ($150 after 1st child)

Current Families, reserve your spot with a "May 16" post-dated tuition check.


Available seats:

Elementary WAIT LIST but we will open up with 2 more enrollments

Middle/High 2 Openings

New Families Enroll here.  

Enrollment process also includes meeting with us and possibly completing Assessment for core subjects before being finalized.