Elementary Group Descriptions

Pre-K Sibling Group
Age Range: Potty-trained through 5 years
Description:   Each day includes sensory play, outdoor exploration, snack time, lunch time, playground time, arts and crafts, and free play. 
Academics: Fine motor skill practice, introductory math and phonics through song, video, and hand motions, and social skills. Students in this group that are ready may also participate in the Beginning Math and Phonics group part of the day. 
Teacher to Student Ratio: 1:6

Beginning Math and Phonics
Age Range: 5 - 8
Description: Each day includes phonics lessons and activities, math lessons and games, handwriting practice activities, literature concepts, introductory grammar, snack time, lunchtime, PE, and recess. 
Academics: Beginning  Levels of Reading, Language Arts, Literature, and Grammar, Math, Critical Thinking, Handwriting, Art, and PE. 
Teacher to Student Ratio: 1:6

Age Range: 6 - 10
Description: Each day includes morning math lessons and activities, snack time, lunch time, PE, recess, and afternoon language arts and critical thinking with rotating science and art activities.
Academics:  Phonics and Spelling, Creative Expression, Math, Handwriting, Grammar, Literature, and Critical Thinking.
Teacher to Student Ratio: 1:6

Age Range: 8 - 11
Description: Our intermediate group is for those that are fluently reading chapter books, making progress with math and writing,  and are ready to devote one day per week to other subjects. Tuesdays and Thursdays include morning math lessons, projects, and activities, lunch, PE, recess, and afternoon language arts and literature.  Wednesdays include a short math activity or project, science lab activities, lunch, PE, and recess, literature based history reading, language arts and  creative expression.
Teacher to Student Ratio: 1:6