Elementary CORE 2017-2018 Tuition & Fees

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Welcome to LIFT Core Elementary.  

Our Core Program provides:

  • All of the lesson planning and lesson teaching for Math and Language Arts.   
  • Individualized lessons, taking into account learning style, maturity, and activity level.
  • A uniquely set up classroom with the whole child in mind, allowing movement, interaction, and challenge.
  • Games and Projects to teach and reinforce concepts rather than worksheet based homework.
  • Opportunities for students to advance as they are ready or take more time if they need to study concept more thoroughly.  
  • Flexibility for kids that are ready to learn but not ready for sitting in a desk so your child can develop physically, emotionally, and mentally in the way they are created - to be moving and interacting with their world.
  • Intermediate Elementary students also begin Science Lessons and Labs, Beginning Spanish, and History Literature.

Please see FAQ for further details and sample daily schedule for each of our programs.

January 2018 Openings:

Pre-K Sibling Group - 2 openings

Ages 4 - 7 Beginning Phonics and Math - 4 openings

Ages 5 - 9  Core Basics -  1 opening

Ages 9 - 11 Core Intermediate - 2 openings

2017 - 2018 Elementary Core Group

This is our 2 or 3-day program for students ages 5 - 11. 

The Core program includes our individualized, hands-on, engineering Math program, Critical Thinking & Logic lessons, Language Arts with phonics, reading, spelling, literature, writing, and grammar. Students are taught according to their individual learning needs and placement. Enrichment and electives such as Art, Music, Science, Spanish, Sign Language, and PE will also be included on a rotating basis.  Assessments for Math, Reading, and Language Arts by appointment.

Description of groups:

Pre-K Sibling Group

Beginning Phonics & Math



Meets: 30 weeks, Tuesday, Wednesday, and Thursday, 9:30 - 2:30

2017-2018 School Year - August 22 - May 24

Registration Fee: $65/family

Assessment Fee: $25/student

3-Day Tuition: $3500/year or  $350/month for 10 months

3-Day Curriculum & Supply Fee: $400/year

Sibling discount available for 3-day Core Students - see Payments & Due Dates link below for details.

2-Day Tuition: $2500/year or  $250/month for 10 months

2-Day Curriculum & Supply Fee: $350/year

Core Group
Core Group
Annual Total
1 Student



Registration Fee


Annual Tuition
or $350/month
or $250/month

 Curriculum & Supply Fee
 $400/year $350/year
Assessment Fee
 $25/student $25/student

Payments and Due Dates        

If you have further questions and want us to contact you, send us an email at LIFThomeschoolTX@gmail.com or call or text 682-772-2214 NEW #!