Redwood Schoolhouse


Education for the Whole Child

Mastery of Core Subjects; Math, Writing, Reading, Logic
Critical thinking, Relational skills, and practical skills are incorporated into every aspect of our day..
Individualized Lessons provided for student progress
Nature Walks / Nature Study
Outdoor Play Daily
Weekly STEM
World Cultures, Geography, History
Fine Arts; Music, Drawing, Painting, Sculpture, Voice, Theater
Practical Arts; Sewing, Cooking, Mechanics, Home Repairs, Auto Maintenance, Financial Skills
Community Connections: Seasonal Outreach Projects,  Career Exploration Club, Holiday Cheer Club

High School Transcript
College Planning
Study Skills
Credit Tracking and Accountability

Students attend 3 - 5 days per week as established by family preference, student needs, and budget.
Curriculum is used to meet student needs and goals of family for their child.
Teachers act as mentors and are knowledgeable and kind guides as children grow in maturity and increase in knowledge. 
Accountability, instruction, support provided leads students through concepts and topics at a consistent and individualized pace.