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Teaching Team Openings

Please read our website to make sure you agree with our education philosophy and will provide interactive, hands-on lessons and discovery learning opportunities every day. What we do requires a bit more planning, however, you are also provided with great administrative support, a positive environment, and an organized resource room.  You can focus on meeting the needs of your students and we will provide materials, copies, supplies, games, center activities, and even coffee or tea!

Ready to Apply

All positions require background check.

Elementary Team 

Exploration Group Lead Teacher

Our Exploration Group Lead Teacher would plan and implement the study of a science or history topic using interactive, discovery learning activities.  Many of our resources are already put together and we use them on a 3 year rotation.  Students read about our topic at home, can do some research with provided materials, and then share in discussion, games, and activities during our weekly meeting.  Ratio of teacher to student is 1:8 and groups range in age from 5 - 8,  8 - 10, 11-13.

Duties: Plan lessons, implement activities, plan reading and research for students to complete at home, and provide weekly information to parents.

Hours: 24 weeks, Wednesday  9:15am -  2:15pm
Pays: dependent on experience and student enrollment

Math Center Room Supervisor

Coordinate with  our Individual Lesson Teacher to plan and prepare  activities to support those lessons each week. We will also have a Concept of the Month that will require a center activity for one or two levels. Your responsibilities would be to coordinate with Lead teachers, plan activities, make sure the centers are set up and cleaned up each day.  You will also understand the activities and supervise elementary students during their involvement.  There will be up to  three centers each day. Some centers will offer multi-level options so you will need to be aware of each group's needs. We provide admin support such as copying, supply gathering, and a resource room of prepared activities.  Ratio of teacher to student is 1:8.

Duties: Implement prepared daily activities in math. logic, and critical thinking.
Hours: 30 weeks, Tuesday/Thursday 9:15am - 11:15am

Pays: dependent on experience and student enrollment

PE Leader/Recess Supervisor

Lead children in an activity or game and then supervise them for the rest of outside time on playground or field.  

Tuesday/Wednesday/Thursday/ Hours 11:20 - 12:20

30 weeks

PE/Recess Assistant

Assist Leader PE. Pay attention to kids and their activities while Leader is instructing or demonstrating PE activities. Help kids to focus on the activity. Participate in activities if we need to even up teams.  During recess, watch over the kids for safety and community. 

Tuesday/Wednesday/Thursday/ Hours 11:20 - 12:20

30 weeks

Middle School Team 

Middle and High School Spanish Teacher

While our students have been using a video based teaching system for the last three years to learn basic Spanish phonics, grammar, vocabulary, and culture.  We are ready for a teacher to come in and lead a class in deeper grammar and writing in Spanish for the middle and high school students.   

Duties: Teach Spanish to students ages 11 - 18
Hours: TBD - weekly for 1 - 2 hours
Pays: dependent on experience and student enrollment

Intermediate / Middle School Math Group Leader

A unique individual, and possibly more than one,  is required for this multi-level group.  The whole school participates in math at the same time so students will place where they fit best. This requires multi-tasking and flexibility as you would supervise  up to 4 math levels and students with a possible age range of  8 - 13.  While you teach individual lessons to students in the same level, other students complete concept activities.  Many of these are part of our curriculum and you can also choose from prepared games and activities in our resource room.  Some students are advanced and some students have gaps they are filling so you will need to be aware of their need and make sure they are provided for out of our resources and have guidance if needed.   Our low ratio of teacher to students has allowed us to provide this level of support successfully for the past 2 years.  We will either provide an assistant or co-teacher if class has more than 2 levels or 8 students. 

Duties: Plan lessons, implement lessons, provide concept practice activities, monitor students progress, and  provide weekly information to parents. Coordinate with co-teachers if applicable.

Hours: 30 weeks, Tuesday / Thursday  9:00am -  11:15pm

US History & Geography. Lead
In a multi-level group,  our intermediate and middle schoolers are combining for an overview of US History and Geography. This class will be based on an informational book and additional resources will include historical fiction, biographies, projects, and movies to provide context and enhance facts.   Teaching resources are provided. This includes possible discussion questions, background information for movies and books, geography games, vocabulary, timeline, and potential projects and research topics.  

Duties: Plan meeting times to engage students as well as giving opportunity for group activities, trivia games, geography games,  and discussion times.  Be able to adjust for the age span and have two levels of assignments or activities when needed. Support students in planning for reading material to be completed over the school year.  Homework need not exceed 2 hours per week.

Days/Hours:  Thursdays 1:15 - 2:30, 30 weeks

Middle School Writing & Grammar

Provide lessons and practice with a variety of writing and grammar assignments and projects designed to encourage creativity and enhance students' practical and technical skills in all areas of writing.

Duties: Provide explanation and support for students in completing their assignments.  Provide support activities for early finishers while you sit with those needing help or more time to complete assignments.  Help students to plan any homework and record assignments in their planner.

Wednesdays  from 12:00 - 1:15, 
Tuesdays, 12:00 - 1:15
30 weeks

High School Team

Math Lab Supervisor
 The Math Lab Supervisor provides accountability and support to high school students in completion of Pre-Algebra, Algebra I, Geometry, Algebra II, and remedial activities.  Students bring their own curriculum, use their laptop, or use our library and complete their lessons independently.  Students will note their completed work  on their Productivity Log which we initial each day.  When a student has a question about their lesson, we will provide an answer or other help, such as manipulatives or books to provide information they need in order to understand their lesson.

Duties: Provide a clean, organized, and quiet place for students to complete lessons, homework, and tests.  Answer questions about math lessons, help students find resources to help them understand their current lesson.  Provide parents with feedback as needed.
Hours: TBD 2 - 6 hours per week

Electives, Teacher/Mentor
Our kids are interested in a variety of topics.  The high school students will need elective credits over the years and, if you have a skill or interest that you can pass on, we'd love to see if that would fit in with our high school group's schedule.

Interest in the following:
Hip Hop