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Foundation/Core 3-day
Take advantage of our full program to cover all subjects for elementary.  Students attend 3-days per week with us providing all the main lessons and letting you know what to do at home for practice and reinforcement.   We teach Math, Phonics, Reading, Spelling, Vocabulary, Grammar, Writing, Literature, Science, History, and rotate Art, Spanish, and PE classes for enrichment.

Core 2-day
Our 2-day program focuses on the Core subjects of Math and Language Arts.  This program provides the lessons and assignments, including what you do at home.  Our homework is mainly games and short review worksheets along with reading, and read-alouds.  Our philosophy includes time for exploration and play so students are making progress without stress.  Families have time for field trips, scouts, church, play, and other important parts of family  life.

Foundation - 1 Day
Our 1 day program includes Science, History, Writing, Grammar, Research, and Presentation Skills.
This is for you if you are already homeschooling and are confident in your plan to teach the core subjects but would like a place for your child to experience the group activities while still enjoying age appropriate assignments.