Wondering if our Core programs are for you? Here are some thoughts about what you might love or not love about our style of learning....

Reasons to love LIFT Elementary...

My child can enjoy a homeschool setting in which to learn and grow.

My child receives an individualized education based on needs, pacing, and style of learning.

My child is able to move around as developmentally appropriate while still fully participating in class.

My child gets practice and reinforcement through games and activities, superior to worksheets.

My child is able to advance academically while staying within their appropriate age group.

My child has a stimulating environment in which to thrive while parents attend to other commitments.

My child has caring, experienced adults to present lessons and monitor progress.

My child loves going to school.

My child loves learning.

My child is maturing and growing as a whole person, emotionally, and intellectually.

Reasons to love LIFT Middle and High School Groups...

My child/teen has knowledgeable adults to provide help with academic planning and accountability.

My child/teen has a group of peers with which to find fellowship and connection.

My child/teen practice activities, such as presentations or discussion, that require a group.

My teen reads whole books, including literature, non-fiction, and philosophy instead of textbooks.

My child/teen has opportunities to serve others, cementing their sense of value within the community.

My child/teen can fill in learning gaps without getting further behind.

My child/teen has support to build skills, even when they need extra time or help to do so.

My teen has help building their transcript in preparation for future endeavors.

My teen can earn high school credit for academics while still having time to pursue other interests.

Reasons you might not love LIFT....

You want a 5-day per week drop-off setting.

You want to follow the exact scope and sequence of traditional classroom schools.

You want your child to operate in a typical grade level curriculum.

You want an exclusively secular or exclusively religious education.

You want a textbook and workbook based curriculum.

You want a longer school year with a few short breaks.