LIFT Homeschool Schoolhouse

Creating a hands-on, experiential environment where children thrive
as they discover the love of learning.

LIFT (Learning is Fun Together) is a homeschool schoolhouse  in North Richland Hills, TX. We provide a unique learning experience for elementary,  middle, and high school students.

LIFT aspires: 

    • To put life into learning (making education relevant) through experiential activities, as words have no meaning without experience. 

    • To foster a love of learning rather than simply an acquisition of facts.

    • To support homeschooling parents by offering a group learning atmosphere that releases parents from service requirements and lesson plans.

What type of support are you looking to find at LIFT?

1-Day Exploration Group for ages 5 - 13

If you are looking for a weekly support for your homeschool in order to enhance your families' experiences, we have our   LIFT Foundations  homeschool group where students are taught together using multi-level, hands-on activities.  Subjects are integrated with history and science studies, using real books, hands-on activities, student-led projects, dramatization, writing, games, and discussion to facilitate understanding of concepts in science, language arts, history, critical thinking, and practical life skills. Creative expression, spelling, and grammar are leveled based on students experience and skills. This groups meets weekly for 24 weeks.

2 or 3 Day Core Learning Groups for ages Pre-K - High School

LIFT Core Elementary provides a relaxed and fun multi-level active learning environment for elementary students ages 5 - 10 in a two, or three-day-a-week drop-off setting. No on-site parental responsibility is required.

In our LIFT Core Discovery groups, we teach leveled math, phonics, and spelling, handwriting, creative writing, literature, critical thinking, and also incorporate logic, art, history, and science.  Students are grouped in Beginners, Basics, and Intermediate in order to teach according to their experience and knowledge rather than grade levels.  We use the best resources as a basis for our Core program and incorporate the educational games, activities, auditory, visual, and kinesthetic lessons to provide an individualized, creative and engineering based program to meet the needs of the 21st Century child.  

LIFT-UP  Core Middle School is for students ages 11-13 and provides a thoughtful and challenging learning environment in a two-or-three-day-a-week setting.  Subjects such as writing and literature are integrated with projects, history and science to give context to each subject.  Math Lessons, Math Concept practice, logic, research, writing, presentation skills, student-led projects, games, critical thinking, and discussion will continue to be the methods we use to gather information and practice essential skills. We will also include a rotation of Art, Engineering, Foreign Language and other electives to round out our middle school experience.

LIFT-HIGH, for students ages 13 and up, provides quality self-paced math and science courses and a combined history, literature, philosophy, and writing course.  Students will participate in demonstrations, experiments, and research to acquire understanding in Biology, Chemistry, and Physics.  Math is self-paced and includes accountability with tutoring and classes available.  Our chronological History studies provide the basis for literature, writing, grammar, research, and presentation skills.  Worldview, politics, religion, geography and other areas are discussed and researched so students are able to sort through much of what our world encompasses in these areas and graduate with a good understanding of the world they will go into as adults.  Electives will also be available and vary with current needs and availability.

Whether you want more time with your older or younger kids, need a day to get some things done "child-free," need accountability for older students, would like experienced support, or simply want your child to have the experience with other students in a homeschool setting, speak with us to see if LIFT is right for you!

"God put the wiggle in children, and we should not try to take it out!"